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Announcing my Incidental Inquisitor Series; Book 1 is up for Pre-Order!


Greetings Dear Reader,

As I mentioned last time, I’ve been very busy trying to get a new project off the ground while still making time for the very baddest of Badgers, and I intend to see your patience has been rewarded.

So here we are:

Last Gasp, book 01 of the Incidental Inquisitors series is up for pre-order here on Amazon!

Set in the city of Quadras, the last bastion of the inhuman peoples in a human dominated, and devastated, world, this series follows the adventures, mishaps, and hijinks of odd couple, police partners Doughas and Vor who are part of the newly minted Inquisitor’s Bureau. Tasked with keeping the peace between fantastic and fractious peoples of Quadras, the elf and dwarf have their work cut out for them and that’s not even considering a stubborn dwarf and some high falutin’ elf needing to have each other’s backs.

Being as much Murtaugh and Riggs as they are Legolas and Gimli I’m hoping these two characters will provide an excellent point to leap into the city of Quadras and the world it exists within. Inspirations from dungeonpunk and fantastic noir with some splashes of comedy and loads of action drive this series, but it is just the beginning of the world I’ve got planned for all of you to enjoy. Quadras, after all, is just one city, massive though it may be, nestled in the Valley, beyond which lies the sinister and sorcerous world of mankind.

Honestly Dear Reader there’s so much in Quadras and even more beyond it, so much I want to show you, that I can barely keep from spilling the beans!

But it’s all going to start here with two Inquisitors, cops trying to survive the mean streets of Quadras which seems ready to strangle itself. Conspiracies, gangs, greedy opportunists, and rogues even more nefarious than all the above are looking to see them fail. Only a quick eye, a strong hand, and good partner is going to keep you alive in Quadras, and both of our Inquisitors are going to have to learn to believe in the last one if they are going to keep the first two attached. It’s up to them to keep the peace and make sure Quadras doesn’t take its Last Gasp.

If that tickles your fancy please don’t forget pre-orders are up right now, right here.

Hop over reserve your copy today and let’s go explore Quadras together, from the understreet up. What’d’ya say, Dear Reader?

Sincerest Regards,


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