Rings of the Inconquo

A powerful artifact, a secret society, an ancient evil. Join Ibby as she embraces her destiny as Inconquo guardian to stop an ages-old evil bent on reshaping the world with iron, fire and blood. 

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Ibukun “Ibby” Bashir is Inconquo, an inheritor of ancient power and with it an unending duty to stand against the darkness. She can bend and shape metal to her will, but she is still only human, she feels and bleeds. A fragile guardian, still she stands.

Uncovered after thousands of years, the dark foundations that make her who and what she is begin to rise again. An ancient evil stirs that only she can stand against. Merciless conspiracies, ancient horrors, treacheries old and new, all are arraigned against a young woman who only wants to see her broken family safe. But with grit, pluck, and a will of iron she is going to save the world, or die trying.

Rings of the Inconquo

Discover the secrets of the Inconquo in Born of Metal, face the burdens of power in Metal Guardian, and stand against the thousands-year-old evil in Metal Angel. Learn more about each title below and how to purchase them online!