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Join the Outcast Royal as she survives exile and returns to save her people. Follow the reluctant wizard of WWI as he battles monsters without and demons within. Journey with Ibby as she embraces her destiny as the Inconquo guardian chosen to battle ancient evils. Fight with Afghan war veteran Luce in the Warring Realms to end 2,000 years of war in a parallel reality. Begin your journey into the worlds of Aaron D. Schneider with any one of the series below!

Incidental Inquisitors

Dwarvish Dirty Dozen

The Outcast Royal

World’s First Wizard

Rings of the Inconquo

The Warring Realm

An Invitation Into My Stories

Where others can paint their portraits within the bounds of decency and good sense (and honestly I applaud them for it) I’m afraid I color outside the lines a bit. My stories will curse in anguish, shriek in terror, and bleed from ragged wounds. There is horror and corruption and ignorance and cruelty to be found here, plumbing depths of ancient fears and the evil men do. Yet these pitch black shades bring out the raw lines of light, of courage, hope, perseverance, and redemption. Dirty faced and world worn tales of the lowly exalted, crooked made straight, and the lost being found.

So these are not the typical stories perhaps, but they are my stories and maybe, just maybe, they’re your stories too. I hope we get a chance to find out together.

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