The Warring Realm

Alliances shift and world’s collide in a tale too large for one world, that turns on the choices of one soldier trying to decide what he is fighting for.

"Aaron's writing reminds us that we read for the journey, not the destination. Shades of Tolkien can be glimpsed in this beautifully written, beautifully imagined epic war-story. If you love military fantasy, don't miss this trilogy.”
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A.L. Knorr
USA Today Bestselling Author
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From the ravaged lands of Afghanistan to the dire and magical realms of Other-Realm, Lieutenant Lucius “Luce” Bollham wishes he could be insignificant, but its just not working out that way. Drawn from our reality to a world of magic, monsters, and danger, Luce has nothing but some Army know how and a give’em hell attitude.

The Warring Realm Series

Start the adventure in this military fantasy trilogy with War-Born, then continue the battle with War-Torn until reaching your final destination in War-Sworn. Learn more about each title below and how to purchase them online to begin reading today!