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24AUG23 NerdFathers Podcast BANNER

The Nerd Fathers Episode 46: The of One to Many Failures

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away it would have been nice if someone, anyone could be bothered to write! The Acolyte (Disney+) is out and now after having seen all but the penultimate episode the pater familias of the Nerd-realm took upon the terrible burden to slog through the show in vain hopes that something resembling a compelling story, or at least a coherent one, was to be found amidst the barren wastes of our modern age. What did our sojourners find? Well, you’ll just have to listen to really find out.

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24AUG23 NerdFathers Podcast BANNER

The Nerd Fathers Episode 45: Anything New Under the Sun?l

The dynamic duo of nerd patriarchy are taking a trip through time and space this week to explore the great films of the past, explore what made them great, all while asking this very simple question: what happened? As sequels, prequels, and every other -equel gets vomited out on screens large and small across the country the Nerd Fathers dare to ask the question what happened to the times when we actually made new things in media? And can we ever get those sweet times back again?

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24AUG23 NerdFathers Podcast BANNER

The Need Fathers Episode 43: Behold the Lizard King, Godzilla!

Up from the dark depths come the most nerdy of pater famili to talk, finally, about the fantastic Godzilla Minus One. Like the great kaiju himself, this film seemed to come from nowhere to thrill and delight with its quality writing and impactful story. Join Chris and Aaron as they behold this wonder together and talk about what its existence might mean for our world.

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