War Sworn

Broken people with sharp edges can carve their own destiny.

Luce isn’t just hurt, he’s broken and he’s not alone.

The Twilit Kingdom is in flames as the Gythraul Legions play out their death throes across the vulnerable countryside, while Queen Meabh turns her attentions to dissidents at Mount Falchrreg. An ancient and long-absent power returns––shaken and confused––while an elder evil seeks to realize an apocalyptic vision.


More About War Sworn:

Luce still hasn’t picked up all the pieces, but Armageddon waits for no man, so its back into the meat-grinder with his ragtag crew. They’ve got gambits to dare, prophecies to fulfill, and sacrifices to make, with nothing but blood and fire ahead.

The fate of more than just the Twilit Kingdom hangs in the the balance, and Lieutenant Bollham is still grasping at the veil that hides the most terrible truths which underpin the erupting conflict.

The truth, so long hidden, is about to ignite a fire that could burn all of Other-Realm to cinders and holocaust shadows. Times are desperate like never before and Luce is going to have to make some unlikely friends and even that might not be enough to save a world that isn’t even his own.

But you know what they say: what doesn’t kill you, only delays the inevitable.

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  • Author:
    Aaron D. Schneider

  • Publication Date:
    December 13, 2018
"Aaron's writing reminds us that we read for the journey, not the destination. Shades of Tolkien can be glimpsed in this beautifully written, beautifully imagined epic war-story. If you love military fantasy, don't miss this trilogy.”
A.L. Knorr
USA Today Bestselling Author