Metal Guardian

Guardians don’t get a choice between dreams and duty. When something terrible stirs…duty calls.

With the help of her best friend Jackie and Uncle Irshad, her only remaining family, Ibby has rebuilt a normal life after the chaos of the year before when she discovered she was Inconquo––a metal-shaping, iron-slinging guardian.

But a normal life is too much to ask for someone wielding the power Ibby has.


More About Metal Guardian:

When a secret society with sinister intentions returns to resurrect the original Inconquo, a bloodthirsty demi-god of mythic proportions…Ibby steps to the front lines. Stakes rise when she discovers treachery among her trusted peers and learns she’s not just fighting for herself and her family but everyone who has Inconquo blood running through their veins.

With so much on the line, Ibby looks for help wherever she can get it. When a hated enemy comes crashing back into her life, will Ibby make a deal with the devil in the hopes that she can stop the apocalyptic awakening?

Metal Guardian is the second book in the Rings of the Inconquo trilogy. If you like new twists on old myths, kick-ass women, and plenty of full-metal action, don’t miss this exciting urban fantasy series!

Get lost in a story filled with thrills and elemental magic the way you’ve never seen it before. Witness the forging of a modern legend today…

  • Authors:
    A.L. Knorr & Aaron D. Schneider

  • Publication Date:
    January 15, 2020