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Aaron D. Schneider

Fantasy author and lore monger. Husband and father. Writer of such series as The Outcast Royal, The World's First Wizard, The Rings of the Inconquo, The Warring Realm, and more to come.

New Books and 2022 Christmas Deals Coming Your Way Soon!


A short message to my Dear Readers,

It looks like we’ve got a lot headed your way very soon, and I wanted to let you all know ahead of time so you’d be ready to pounce on the saves and spread the word.

Silk Webs, book 3 of the Incidental Inquisitors, is coming out on December 23rd and when it is released Last Gasp, book 1 of the same series, is going to be priced at 99 cents. From then until the first of the year you’ve got a chance to get Book 1 for that sweet 99 cents price, and on the 31st you’ll get a chance to grab Silk Webs at Fan Pricing.

On top of that we’ve got a special running for the Dwarvish Dirty Dozen where you can get book 1, Mud War, absolutely free from December 26 through December 30.

So there you have it, some nice Christmas presents from me to you, and then a free book to help round off the end of 2022.

I hope this finds you all enjoying or at least preparing to enjoy some time with family and friends as you celebrate Christmas, the coming winter, and the ending of one year and the beginning of a new one. As always I am thankful to all of you who go on this journey with me and for the good God who keeps me here.

Sincerest Regards,

Aaron D. Schneider

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