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My Review of 10 Great Fantasy Books With Dwarves & Elves You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Before


Dear Readers,

So I’m embarking on something new, or at least new for me, where I’ll be trying to share with all of you some of the interesting books, lore, and other esoterica I’ve found in my travels. Some of these may be completely new to you while others may be tried and true favorites and yet others still might be ones you read some time ago but need to go back and freshen up on if nothing else to remind yourself why you liked them.

So to start things off we’re going to be looking at fantasy books that you may not have heard of before, but where dwarves or elves, or both, don’t just exist but actually play a significant role in the story somehow.

Fair warning though before we jump in. These are not necessarily book recommendations, especially as some of these may have content not acceptable for young readers (or readers of any age), and I don’t want anyone reading this list as me saying they are “safe” to read. Reading, like almost anything worthwhile, is rarely ever truly safe, and so if you’ve got young ‘uns wanting to plunge into any of these books, I’d recommend you check them out yourself before giving the go ahead. You are their parent after all.

With that out of the way, let’s jump in! To make the book reviews easier to read and navigate, we’ve made a special page on the site for these:

>>Click here to go to that page and read the book reviews

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