Aaron D. Schneider

Aaron D. Schneider

Fantasy author and lore monger. Husband and father. Writer of such series as The Outcast Royal, The World's First Wizard, The Rings of the Inconquo, The Warring Realm, and more to come.

Our New Book, “Last Gasp” is Coming Out This Week! Read Below For a Snippet Preview.


Dear Readers,

The first book, Last Gasp, of our new Incidental Inquisitors series is coming out this week.

If you’re looking to get a little taste, my publisher was kind enough to furnish this little snippet that can be found here:

For all the wonderful folks who’ve already pre-ordered thank you so much, and for those of you who haven’t you can readily grab your ticket right here so you don’t miss a chance to dive right in:

Looking forward to sharing more of this world I’ve been brewing with all of you.

Sincerest Regards,

Aaron D. Schneider.

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