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Dwarvish Dirty Dozen Book 6 – “Earth Deep” is Out Today!


Dear Readers,

Today the final book in our Dwarvish Dirty Dozen series is out. Earth Deep is the thrilling conclusion to the saga of the Bad Badgers. If you began the journey with them in Mud War, get ready to finish it with them in Earth Deep!

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What’s Happening in Earth Deep?

Amidst rebellion and treachery, Torbjorn must confront his own father, the ruler of the Empire. Can he navigate the heartbreak and desperate gambits?

The condemned and disowned Bad Badgers are no strangers to adversity. But this time, the stakes soar higher than ever.

Will the dwarvish people survive the ultimate test? You’ll have to read Earth Deep to find out!

In Earth Deep, the climactic conclusion of the Dwarvish Dirty Dozen series, honor is tested, alliances are forged, and the true meaning of heroism is redefined. Are you ready to be swept into this unforgettable adventure?

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Aaron D. Schneider

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