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What’s not to love about good old fashioned medieval fantasy books with battle axes, wizards and darkened medieval worlds where the heroes (or heroine) need to fight battles without and within?

We invite you to discover the medieval fantasy books for young adults that we’ve written and published over the years. Readers of all ages will enjoy!

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OutCast Royal 3BookSet

Discover The Outcast Royal

This medieval fantasy book series follows Ax-Wed, a royal exile who must confront her past and conquer darkness within if she hopes to save her family

Our heroine is an exile from her land, escaping what pursues her from her past.  This is a tale of struggle within and conflict without in a brutal medieval fantasy world with sinister forces at play. Enter a saga of blood and darkness, sword and sorcery.

Darkness is patient and evil is cunning, and it is hungry for the sorcerous power bequeathed to Ax-Wed by her family. Her allies face intrigue and treachery in the world above and the city teeters on the brink of destruction.

Can she reach the cruel heart of the darkness and destroy it in time to save them? We invite you to read this series to find out!


Discover The Dwarvish Dirty Dozen

This medieval fantasy book series follows the Dwarvish Dirty Dozen as they band together to fight an ancient evil, and keep the dead, dead!

The dwarvish legions, the Holt’Dwan, are familiar with war, but these are strange times. The dead are rising from the earth in the freshly settled Ysgand Vale and the war just got a lot messier. In a world where the dead don’t stay dead and victory will cost you everything, what can be done?

A lot, if one has the will and stomach for it.

Dive into a tale of war and desperation, of grit and heroism, and see just what a batch of desperate dwarves can do when the chips are down.

Discover Medieval Fantasy Author Aaron D. Schneider

I write medieval fantasy books, and other types of books, to share my stories that maybe, just maybe, are your stories too. 

My childhood was filled with the likes of Tolkien (Lord of the Rings), Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia), Shakespeare, Salvatore and other literary greats. It was also touched by struggle, trial, murder and sorrow. These influences shape every story I author or co-author.  

So where others can paint their portraits within the bounds of decency and good sense (and honestly I applaud them for it) I’m afraid I color outside the lines a bit.

My stories will curse in anguish, shriek in terror,  and bleed from ragged wounds. There is horror and corruption and ignorance and cruelty to be found here, plumbing depths of ancient fears and the evil men do.

Yet these pitch black shades bring out the raw lines of light of courage, hope, perseverance, and redemption. Dirty faced and world worn tales of the lowly exalted, crooked made straight, and the lost being found.

If that sounds like the kind of medieval fantasy books you want to read, I invite you to join me on these journeys dear reader. You can see all of our published books on this website or on Amazon. Come, take and read!